Phil Still

Maidstone 47

Hello, I'm Phil Still and have been a full member of Hospital Radio Maidstone since 1988. (you can work it out) 

During my time here I have presented many shows ranging from "Sunday Best", "Saturday Lunch", "Thursday Nights Frollocks" and "Fun on Friday's”. 

At present I am the current "Saturday Sports” presenter, which isn't a easy feat as I know nothing about sports and can always bluff or ad lib my way out of a bad situation!! During my in house radio career, I have received three nationally acclaimed Hospital Radio awards, which I am still very proud of as they are always on show in the smallest room of my caravan!! 

As the current chairman of the service I enjoy the "giving back to society" feeling,whilst being an active member of this wonderful voluntary service, I will always enjoy the task of bringing out the best in my volunteering colleagues and of making the patients of the Maidstone hospital life's more bearable whilst they are here.   

Cheers dears!!

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