Studios And Station Engineering

Hospital Radio Maidstone's engineering team help to keep the service on the air, as well as developing new technology.

HRM has three studios at the Maidstone General Hospital - Studio 1 and 2 are used for broadcasting the two channels to the hospital. The third studio is used for production and off-air work.

Each of the two on air studios are equipped with the following:

One Air 2000 mixing desk

Two CD players

Two MiniDisk players

One tape cassette machine

One computer play out system

One computer for internet access

Two microphones

Two pairs of headphones

One telephone-to-air unit

One radio clock

One television

One record player

HRM's music library features more than 30,000 tracks, with new and classic tracks added regularly.

Technology has defiantly played its part in our studios. Our production studio uses Adobe Audition. This is a very powerful editing system and enables the team to produce some very interesting material.

Every week the program controller sets off a task on the scheduler system that picks daytime music programming. A few tweaks to ensure a constant sounding output and then the presenter adds his or her magic and daytimes on HRM are sorted.

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