Pete Ketcher


Hello there. I’m Pete, nice to meet you!!

I have been a full time member of the service since July 2013. 

I have been involved with HRM since May 2012, however I had to take time away, due to ill health. Luckily now I am  fighting fit & raring to go!!!.

During my time away from HRM I was admitting to this very fine hospital & I would like to thank everyone who helped me get back to full fitness.

The staff do a wonderful job here & even though I know this is scary time for you patients & your families, I am sure you are receiving the excellent care and attention that I did.

Well a little about me then, I am a huge fan of many different sports & during my weekly programme I’ll keep you up to date on all the crazy comings, goings & results of many different events.

The one thing that keeps me going & smiling is good music (especially rock,) and I’ll always try & keep a theme to my show, with the odd quirky phone in.

Please enjoy, relax & above all GET WELL SOON!!!!!

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