Paul Jordan 1965 - 2012

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Paul joined the illustrious ranks of HRM back in March 2006 and held such positions as Presenter, Commettee member, Public Address Host (aka: The Feedback Kid), part of the HRM Mobile Disco Unit and promenent member of the Fund-Raising Team.

Sadly in early 2012, Paul was diagnoised with Cancer and in June passsed away.

His lively personality and humor will be greatly missed as well as his varid musical tastes which covered pretty much all styles you can think of- Swing, Pop, Rock, Reggae, Soul, Disco, etc, etc: however, his  true musical love was Hard Rock & Heavy Metal, where his “Friday Rock Show” was nominated for Best Specialist Show in the The Hospital Broadcasting Awards 2012.

Our thoughts go out Paul’s family and to everyone affected by this great loss.

I leave you with Paul’s very own words which he wrote for his preseter profile.

"Remember: Enjoy life- this is not a rehearsal!"

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