New Patient Information System

A team from the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust have designed and created a revolutionary Patient Information System which aims to improve patient safety and the patient experience.

The boards, which will be located above every patient’s bed, are magnetic systems which use large coloured symbols to clearly show the needs and requirements of each patient.  The information system displays visual prompts with regards to all aspects of patient safety, including falls risks, nutritional requirements, communication issues and medication alerts.  The boards also include infection prevention and control information.

Dieticians, therapists, specialist nurses and safeguarding leads were consulted to ensure the system properly met the needs of each of their specialist areas.  The aim was to provide one system which encompassed all of these areas, which could be displayed on a single information board.

The system is clear and simple to use and allows staff of any discipline or role to understand and recognise the individual needs of every patient.  Patients and their visitors are able to view and contribute to the informationwhile it also informs them that staff recognise any risks they may face or any special requirements they have.

The boards have been purchased thanks to generous donations by the League of Friends at both Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Hospitals, who recognised that the system would be of huge benefit to patients, helping to ensure their personal needs are met and that they are safe and comfortable.

The team responsible for developing the system have now been nominated for a Nursing Times Award, in the category of Patient Safety Improvement.


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